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Prayer Shawl Ministry

The Prayer Shawl Ministry of our church welcomes everyone –men and women to join us in making warm, cozy shawls for those who are sick, grieving or just need a reminder that they are loved. The shawls we make are based on simple knit or crochet patterns that are easy enough for beginners. Even if you have never knitted or crocheted before, we encourage you to attend a meeting and our friendly, experienced members will help you learn Prayer shawl Ministry meetings Are always a time of fun, fellowship, ;laughter, learning and of course, snacks!


Each shawl is stitched with love and prayers, then placed on the alter and blessed by the pastor before being made available for distribution. Shawls are on display just outside the entrance to the sanctuary and are free for the taking.
Please feel free to select a shawl and present it to someone in need as a tangible, comforting expression of God’s love and healing power.