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What to Expect

Normally, when you walk on to our campus, and we are not exercising restrictions from a pandemic, you will be welcomed. Greeters and ushers will assist you in finding your way to worship, coffee and goodies following worship, restrooms with changing tables, and handicapped accommodations and pathways so that no steps are a barrier.
You will encounter year-round ministries for children and youth, and there are materials to help you if you suffer a hearing impairment.
You’ll witness expectant faith as people sing and share their love for Christ with choir, bells, traditional hymns and more contemporary songs. You will find Holy Communion, offered monthly, open to anyone who seeks Jesus’ saving and transforming grace. You’ll experience the joy, passion and power of prayer as your neighbors (and new friends?) call on Jesus together.
You will be loved and challenged through Jesus’ presence. (Click on this link [What to Expect box on home page] to learn what to expect during the present pandemic.)